Fruteria Serdan, est. 2009, together with it's sister website, est. 2004 is member with #BCSIN (Baja California Sur Info Network) and as such operate guided by the "Think global, Act local" doctrine.

We offer small, local operated enterprises an gratis web-presence away from the often polluted by malicious actors common social media platform.

We do only recommend establishments our editors have frequented regular. 

Let us introduce here "Fruteria Serdan" and it's principal Oscar.

Located at Aquilles Serdan about 500 meters of Colosio at Fracc. Puesta del Sol
Right next to Parroquia Espiritu Santo
Opening times from 08:00hr to 19:00hr, Monday to Saturday.
Offering a wide variety of local organic produce, fruits and vegetables, fresh cheese from local producers, eggs, chicken, chorizo.

Oscar does offer curbside service ie. you call or email your order in with a little time to spare and he will pack and bring the ordered products to your car curbsite where you can also pay. Cash and cards are accepted.
Phone: 669-102-0396

For Mexico newbies, a "frutería" is a type of establishment that specializes in selling fresh fruits, either in a market or a standalone stand. Fruterías typically offer a variety of seasonal fruits, both local and imported, and sometimes also sell freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and other fruit-based products. 

These establishments are popular among locals and tourists alike, providing a convenient and healthy option for people looking to buy fresh fruits or enjoy a refreshing fruit-based drink. 


Fruterías contribute to the vibrant street food and market culture in Mexico, offering a colorful array of fruits and contributing to the country's rich culinary diversity.